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Training Guide

The training guide is a tool for trainers and facilitators to begin work on GE through fun, interactive, competitive, and educational games and exercises for children aged 8 to 12. These games will set important groundwork for children to understand GE concepts and related issues. Each of the games has a section that will allow the facilitator to discuss important lessons and ideas with the children.

The launching ceremony was held in Beirut in 2013 under the patronage of the Minister of Social Affairs, HE Wael Abou Faour. Over 260 attendees were present, which included representatives from different NGOs working with/for children generally and/or in emergencies, NGOs working on training and development, members of the Technical Taskforces in Lebanon (on GBV, GBV in emergencies, CPWG, and others), UN agencies and INGOs, the project’s peer reviewers, and the MoSA SDCs.

How to Work With Parents?

ABAAD, in partnership with Save the Children International, produced “How to Work with Parents,” a guidebook for social actors, animators, and front-liners working with children and their parents. The guidebook has been incorporated as an annex to the “Playing for Gender Equality” toolkit previously produced by ABAAD. The guide, produced based on feedback received while conducting trainings on PGE, details the importance of parental involvement in any gender equality programmes designed for children and youth. Parents are key players whose involvement is crucial in any programme designed for children. In order to lay the proper foundations for a full partnership with parents, the latter’s active involvement is essential. This is because it would lead to their full support and to the reinforcement of the facilitators’ work at home with their children, thus resulting in cyclical effects in the struggle towards transformative social change.



Child Protection Policy



Playing For Gender Equality Manual



Child Protection Policy (Arabic)



Marriage Is Not a Game