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Year of establishment: 2011 







“As gender is “done” or constructed, it can also be “undone” or deconstructed”. ABAAD is committed to “deconstructing” gender stereotypes at childhood and early adolescent phases in order to educate about and promote principles of gender equality. 

Brief Description of the Programme  

By learning the terms and concepts associated with Gender Equality, children can begin the important process of questioning the inequalities they see around them, and having different perspectives of gender relations than those they have witnessed in their homes, culture, and the local media. This therefore begins building a generation of individuals who are sensitive to issues of gender and gender inequality.

ABAAD has conducted a number of activities with children (boys and girls), or whose final beneficiaries are youth:

  • Playing for Gender Equality Toolkit as a cutting-edge training toolkit that is considered one of the first toolkits of its kind developed and tested in the MENA region. This training guide is a tool for trainers and facilitators to begin work on gender equality through fun, interactive, competitive, and educational games and exercises for children aged 8 to 12.
  • Publishing and launching a context-adapted version of Programme P, a manual for fathers (and to-be fathers) and medical personnel on ending GBV, and supporting the men’s partners during prenatal and post-natal periods;
  • Publishing the “How to Work with Parents” guidebook, which was incorporated into “Playing for Gender Equality,” a primary prevention toolkit for social workers, animators, and educators working with children and their parent;
  • Training groups of refugee adolescent boys on stress and anger management techniques through support groups moderated by psychotherapists.



"Playing for Gender Equality" Toolkit

The issues of gender equality, gender roles and violence against women are looming taboos in the Middle East. The Playing for Gender Equality tookit was developed in order to teach young children and adolescent boys and girls about the concepts of gender-equality. 




Child Protection Policy



Playing For Gender Equality Manual



Child Protection Policy (Arabic)



Marriage Is Not a Game