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Year of Establishment: 2015

Programme Objectives

  • Enhancing the capacities of professionals working in different sectors to respond to the MHPSS and GBV needs of residents of Syria
  • Enhancing coping strategies at individual and community levels of the affected population through targeted psychosocial support and art techniques
  • Contributing towards peace-building through community and cultural identity development as well as via social cohesion
  • Bridging the gap in resources and skills related to GBV case management in emergency settings through creating a pioneer, widely-accessible online resource

Brief Description of the Programme

Based on numerous findings and recommendations from our work with Syrian refugees in Lebanon in addition to consultative sessions with experts and partners inside Syria, ABAAD responded, with our cross-border programme, to growing needs within the mental health and psychosocial support, the GBV case management, and the social cohesion fields in emergency situations.

The programme, entitled “Bel Salameh,” (Syrian dialect, term used either to wish someone a safe return or to get well soon), addresses the multiple psychological dimensions of the crisis and enables individuals and communities to improve their capacity to find meaning in their suffering and to transform their negative experiences. The strength and resilience centred approach we will be using within this project will support the capacities of affected communities inside Syria to cope with immediate needs emanating from the crisis, recover from its impacts, and sustain this recovery over the long-term.

Through networking, assessments, resource production, and conducting different types of training workshops, “Bel Salameh” aims to enhance the capacities of mental health practitioners, front-liners, social workers, and educators working directly with beneficiaries, and medical practitioners, to provide better relevant services to the residents of Syria. Additionally, the programme targets youth change-makers to promote peace messaging and social cohesion.

MAJOR PROJECTS UNDER Cross-border Programme


Gender-Based Violence Case Management in Emergencies

We have created an online, distance learning course on GBV case management in emergency and post-emergency settings, which social workers and front-liners working with survivors of gender-based violence can take, and receive a certificate upon completion. 



Standardized Training Curriculum 

Standardised training curriculum in two parts, psychosocial support through art (for individuals, youth, parents, and groups) for use in non-specialised settings, and mental health in emergencies techniques for mental health specialists, is being produced by a number of renowned experts in the relevant fields.




Bel Salameh Brochure - English



Bel Salameh Brochure - Arabic



Capacity Needs and Resources of Mental Health Practitioners in Syria - EN



الاحتياجات والقدرات للعاملين/ات في الصحة النفسية في سوريا



Self-Care Needs and Resources of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Workers in Syria EN



إحتياجات الرعاية الذاتية وموارد الصحة النفسية والدعم النفسي للعاملين/ات في سوريا



Bel Salameh - Midterm Report 2015-2016



The MHPSS Training Pack: MH Manual


The MHPSS Training Pack: PSS Manual



الحزمة التدريبية للصحة العقلية والدعم النفسي الاجتماعي: دليل الصحة العقلية‎



Bel Salameh - Final Evaluation



الحزمة التدريبية للصحة العقلية والدعم النفسي الاجتماعي: دليل الدعم النفسي الاجتماعي